10 Best Things To Do In Kefalonia, Greece

Melissani Lake

We love going for a day trip from Mykonos when we have a few hours to spare, and it’s on this trip that we were tempted to do a water rafting tour down a glacial river in Greece. I could just imagine the view from the top of the mountains and everything – this is the kind of adventurous weekend getaway that you need to add to your bucket list. However, we opted out of it for a more relaxed day trip to Melissani Lake. With about 30 active waterfalls, it was breathtaking and the sound of the waterfalls was loud enough that it echoed in our ears long after we left the lake. Rock Pools Mykonos is so large that there are tons of ways to explore it. On a little day trip to the north, we found a couple of really great rock pools to explore.

Myrtos Beach

Our first stop on Kefalonia was just north of Myrtos Town. The road leading to the beach was incredibly curvy, but the views of the Cyclades Islands at night were nothing short of stunning. There was also a pretty big rock to the left and right of us, so we were able to enjoy amazing views of the sparkling clear water all night long. On a night walk through the small village on the hill near the beach, we came across this house. I absolutely fell in love with the pillows lining the stairs, as well as the table and chairs by the window. It’s so easy to get so caught up in all the gorgeous views we have when traveling, that you end up missing the smaller things in life. The little details often speak volumes of the people and the culture that live there. To learn more about other Mediterranean destination please read this article, BEST Mediterranean Vacation Destinations

Asos (Assos)

You’ll start off in Assos, one of the city’s main fishing and ferry ports. If you’re looking for some entertainment for kids, this is where you want to go. Kids can have loads of fun at the sand park in town, enjoy arts and crafts in a craft center, visit the reptile store and petting zoo, enjoy a puppet show or visit the ancient Goudi Cave. The main beach is a popular family friendly and tourist spot. If you want a little privacy, head up to the hilltop of Kardamyli for the best views in town. Assos Street Our first stop was Assos Street. This street is one of the most famous shopping streets in Greece. A lot of the vendors sell local hand made goods and there are plenty of shops for some serious souvenirs.


Fiskardo is one of the more remote and peaceful parts of the island. It’s often overlooked as a tourist destination, but it was one of the most unique and beautiful places we saw. Our hostel was also a really nice, secluded and relaxing place to stay. Synchronised Swimming at Kovalonia Every night at dusk, people gather around the water in a big circle for a synchronized swimming practice. I’d never seen anything like it before and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The best part?


Ok, if you haven’t heard of Ithaca, you must be living under a rock! Ithaca is a little town at the southern tip of the island. We had to take a ferry to get there, which means no driving. As we began to sail, the water got choppy. It seemed very windy and cold, but that didn’t stop us from getting out and walking. When we got to Ithaca, we realized we had made a big mistake, because a lot of restaurants were already closed for the evening! We walked around a bit to get some great views of the town and stopped at one of the beach huts to order some food. It was the best grilled fish of our lives! There was actually a group of people taking turns throwing bread to the locals and letting them catch the fish. I’m not kidding, I can’t describe it more than that.


Unlike some of the other islands, Kefalonia is a lot smaller in terms of the numbers of visitors. Most of the island is only 5km², so it’s relatively easy to explore! And there are a LOT of things to explore on Kefalonia. Whilst the weather here can be a little extreme (according to Ryan), it’s definitely worth the trip. It’s just a little different – you could describe the beach as a little rocky, a little rugged, a little windy. But hey, it’s Kefalonia – it’s more rugged than most other islands. Most people think of the GSP as the “cheapest Greek holiday”, but the island of Kefalonia is a bit of a step up from that. Although, we did pay €3 to use the pool at the Hostel, and we didn’t even stay there!

Drogarati Caves

Maybe it’s because they’re located in the middle of the island (what are we to do), but we had no idea these caves existed. A couple of years ago we were visiting the island and came across this spectacular site. It was our only stop there in Kefalonia, so we had to stop and explore it. More info here The Lost Village of Elefsina We are obsessed with anything set in Greece, so we had to make time for this one. Elefsina is a small city located on the southernmost point of the Ionian coast. This was once the seat of power for ancient Athenians, who have since developed a thriving wine industry in the area. Just the name had us curious, so we stopped to explore. More info here Apokoronas Fortress I was pretty excited to see this one.


Where we stayed: Hotel Karavasta Now, Hotel Karavasta – I’m going to throw out there, just because I want to shout it from the rooftop that my husband and I have never stayed at a nicer hotel on the island of Kefalonia. The building, perched atop the hill, overlooks the seafront which connects to the blue and white harbor. The hotel itself is spectacular as well, with a rooftop bar that has a beautiful view of the sea. The rooms are impeccable, and we have stayed there before. The main difference was in the room. This time we stayed in the top floor, which had a view of a courtyard, so it was like living on top of a city park, and it felt so romantic. If you’re a wine drinker, head to the bar in the courtyard for some in-house sipping.

Petani Beach

One of the first things we wanted to see upon arriving in Kefalonia was the surrounding mountains. The place we chose to do so was the neighboring town of Agia Marina, which is the capital of Kefalonia. On our way there, we stopped in Petani beach which offers some of the best beaches on the island. Besides it’s great to spend time there soaking up the island’s history and culture, the beach is stunning with its palm-covered pines and white sands. Petani beach is the main reason to visit Agia Marina, and if you choose to do so, then be sure to bring your snorkeling gear to swim through the natural mineral bath that is, the Porto del Tripoli. The Palace of Agia Marina Not all tourist attractions on Kefalonia are in towns, though, and The Palace of Agia Marina is a must visit.

Fteri Beach

Kefalonia’s white-sand beaches are almost to the point of being so white you can hardly see the water. But before you go sunbathing on any of Kefalonia’s beaches, make sure you check the water first. The water is so clear that there is a good chance you won’t see more than 6 inches of it. You can always spot the town of Poros, where the island’s port is, as it looks as if you can just walk right in from the water. Aspidis Beach Speaking of Poros, Aspidis Beach is arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. Lined with large palaces, ancient buildings, cathedrals and churches, this beach is breath taking. If you’re looking for an easy swim, this is not the spot. If you’re looking for an easy beach to walk around on, this is the one for you.

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