Addiction is Treatable, Recovery is Possible!

‘Some people hope getting a few weeks away from the Drugs or Alcohol in a detox or residential rehab treatment program will be a magic fix. I wish it were that easy. Addiction for most people has become an ingrained pattern of using, thinking and behaving and they need effective, evidenced based rehabilitation, follow-up and support to really cement positive changes in place. Effective aftercare support and relapse prevention planning is a critical part of the recovery process”. – Jason Bowman – Addiction Solutions Victoria (ASV) CEO – Drug and Alcohol Rehab – Melbourne – 2019
While people may have been using Alcohol and / or other Drugs for years, it’s surprising how little they (or their loved ones) may know about addiction and sustainable recovery from addiction.
The path to addiction treatment isn’t a straight line, and the process for each person is as unique as the people we are helping. As you move down the path for recovery, there can be confusion, struggle, and even steps backward. ASV aims to support each person to find the information and assistance that they need as they work their way toward healing.


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