Erotic massage secrets you need to try today


Erotic massage is the kind of therapy that uses sexual energies of the body to relax the mind and physique of a person and blur out the boundaries that are growing stronger by the day as an aftermath of fostering excessive self-consciousness and reticence. In sensual massages, the bodies are laid bare without any constituent hindering the raw spirits and passions and this countenance comes with an unparalleled essence of its own. In the following section, we will demarcate a few erotic massage secrets that nobody ever told you and you must try them all today to spice up the intimacy of your relationship.

  • It’s much more than the genital massage

While discussing erotic massage, we do not want to restrict ourselves simply to the genitals; rather, it is recommended to first massage all the areas from toes and abdomen to nipples and fingers and then move on to the “sacred spot” or G-spot. The receiver must be laid with his/her face down and arms at the side while the massage runs down through the hands to each finger with extreme tenderness and the right amount of sensual pressure. Researches claim that there is a set of expectations surrounding sexual experiences and achieving orgasm in both men and women but, the latter usually undergo a higher amount of pressure to attain it. Regardless of the nature of stress, you are experiencing, a session of erotic massage seems to be the ultimate answer. However, to ignite the right kind of flames, the entire body must be first ridden of the hovering stress and only then should the masseuse move on to catering the specific erogenous spots as per the desires of the receiver through erotic massage London.

  • Reduced vaginal tension

If the message is delivered to your female partner, then reducing the vaginal tension would invariably enhance the experience. The vagina is just like any other muscle in the body but, the only point that distinguishes it from the rest lies in the fact that it circumscribes the genitals and is, therefore, the most crucial gateway to erotic pleasure. This means that obliging your partner with regular erotic massage Londonsessions will aid your partner in to discard her vaginal tension so that you can dexterously manipulate her genitals and erotic muscles without encountering the involuntary muscle contractions on her part.

  • Squirting

Squirting can be equated with a stage that is close to the climax of sexual pleasure and in some cases, women find it incredibly difficult to let their bodies loose during foreplay and intercourse and squirt to eventually release the building tension. Surveys have shown that when a woman subscribes to consecutive erotic massage sessions, the genitals start relaxing efficiently and the undefined anxieties and fears associated with squirting start exterminating. Erotic massage London is a fitting substitute for feelings of both physical and emotional intimacy that we often miss out while participating in the hustle of everyday life. Apart from flaring the mood and ambiance, the massage can prove immensely helpful to alleviate stress and bring the two people involved, closer to one another.

  • Routine for the climax

Notice your partner’s responses while giving the massage and as soon as she reaches the climax, start applying the move we are about to outline here. Let your middle and ring fingers tightly press against the G-spot and leave your palm lightly over the area of the clitoris. Nonetheless, when females reach crescendo, their clitoris can become sensitive even before you know it. Thus, to steer away from giving the climax before the perfect moment, use your palm as the mediator that controls the sensitivity. Controlling the nerves endings of the clitoris is the key to the climax and this is where you can use your massage technique to direct the responses and wait for it to build up.

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