How to choose the right mobile on OnlineSale?

Are you thinking of upgrading your smart companion but are a bit tight on budget? Well, Daraz 11 11 Sale is just for you then! Bringing loads of exciting and tremendous discounts on electronics of all sorts, Daraz 11 11 is the biggest annual sale in Pakistan. It is of particular advantage to those seeking a new smartphone because of the variety and enormous concessions. In Daraz mobilecategory, one finds everything from flagship-level phones to cell phones. Be it 2019’s model or 2014’s.

However, selecting the right mobile often becomes difficult. Partially because of the limited-time sale pressure and partially because the phone catalog on Daraz is unbelievably wide-ranging and all-embracing. At times, multiple deals seem so tempting and alluring that we’re unable to make our decision until 11:59 a.m. of the sale day. Thus, losing the golden opportunity of getting the desired handset at an incredibly discounted price.

If you too fear getting stuck in such a situation, then it’s better to do a little homework. Prepare yourself for the big day by implementing the tips mentioned below on buying the right mobile on Daraz 11 11 Sale!

Figure Out Your Needs

In today’s urban world, mobile is not merely a means of communication but a means of coping up with the entire world. Hence, one must first figure out your needs. Question yourself whether you need a mobile for recreational or work purposes? If you require a mobile for work, then search for relevant specifications, such as a powerful system, speedy work performance, and more storage. However, if you are in hunt of a mobile that suits your gaming needs, then look for better graphics, audio, display, and system.

If you are a novice mobile purchaser, then here is an articulation of the features you should find in an idealistic phone.

  • Display & Camera

These days, the minimum screen size offered by mid-range smartphones is from 5.5-6.0, so that wide display contributes to a better-using experience. Apart from checking the screen size, hunt for higher screen resolution and the screen type. Although a majority of phone offers LED screen, it is better to opt for AMOLED displays, if your budget allows you. As for the camera, the image quality usually varies with the brand, regardless of the pixels.

  • Storage & Work Performance

Mobile phones with more storage and speedy work performance allow you to store a lot of data, download applications and do multitasking without slowing down.

  • Warranty

On Daraz 11 11 Sale, do not forget to check the warranty of at least a year. It is a safety purpose that you must take so that if you receive any defaulted or damaged piece by chance, you can get it changed.

Consider Possible Options

Now that you have shortlisted the features that you want on your new phone, it’s time to find out the possible options. Browse through the internet and shortlist the models from all the available brands in your country that fall into your budget and comprise of a set of features that at least resemble your ideal set. If you’re wondering, why do you need to shortlist models from all brands? Then, know that it’s important for your homework.

If the Sale day hasn’t arrived yet, it gives you enough time to reconsider your preferred brand and compare it with others. If you’re doing your homework to get the right mobile from Daraz 11 Sale on the same day, then it ensures that you do not miss any of the amazing deals. Thus, allowing you to buy the right mobile at the right price.

Do Your Calculations

Daraz 11 11 Sale comes with a lot of varying discounts and deals. You may encounter different percentages and deals on mobile phones. But do not fall for the highest percentage! Instead, take out a note pad and calculator. Sit down and calculate which deal or discount is offering YOU the lowest price without compromising on the quality.

Avoid Getting Late

As we all know, nobody wants to miss the great discounts that Daraz brings every year, especially when they know that both the time and quantity of discounted stock is limited. The site receives thousands of orders just as the clock strikes 12. According to statistics, the website receives such immense traffic when 11 11 starts that most servers crash down, denying access to millions of customers.  Consequently, most of the worth-availing deals finish up way before you get an opportunity to view them even.

For that reason, it is important to do your homework before the 11 11 Sale starts. So, you do not have to waste even a single minute when the sale starts. Also, when you’ve finally made your decision, do not hesitate. Just click the order button and secure the best for yourself.

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