Methods to help Usage Glitter glue On Scrapbooking Internet pages

Glitter is 1 of my most favored supplies I use on my scrapbooking webpages and my other craft initiatives. It is very adaptable and easy to use. Glitter can appear in a couple of various kinds. You can get normal glitter or glue glitter. Glue glitter is just glue with glitter in it.

Standard glitter can occur in a numerous distinct colours distinct and also in different sizes. By various measurements I am chatting about the measurement of the small tiny parts of paper or plastic that makes up the glitter. You can get super fine or lower grade chunky glitter .

Glitter can be employed to add a bit of colour to a page or too make a border around something on your page. I love to use glitter to frame photographs by placing a border of double sided tape about a photo and then tipping glitter on to the double sided tape. I love the impact of this particularly on a girly webpage or on a black background.

Another point I like to do on my pages is to punch styles out of jac paper (double sided adhesive paper) and adhere them on the page and then insert glitter to them. The punched out shapes could be bouquets, stars, leaves, balloons, butterflies, frogs, dolphins, circles and the record goes on and on. As extended as you have that condition in a punch you can use it on the web page.

I also use glitter glue referred to as kindy glitz on my scrapbooking pages. I like to use it to make borders close to the page or photographs. There is something specific about glitter on a page. I enjoy it. I think it provides exciting to a website page. Have fun experimenting with glitter on you scrapbooking internet pages and other craft assignments.

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