Neoprobe Gamma Medical Equipment – Development and History of Medical Equipment

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Medical devices before and even during the scientific revolution were based on the classical Greek and Roman theories of science, which were not based on science at all but on philosophy and superstition. Human health was considered to be a balance between 4 internal “humor” in the body. The 4 touches of humor – blood, yellow bile, black bile, and mucus, were analogous to the 4 elements of the universe for the classical thinker, fire, air, water, and earth. The plagues, both physical and mental, were due to an imbalance of humor. The ideal spirit and body have balanced the 4 touches of humor, gracefully. To heal, doctors prescribed foods or procedures that would balance the fluids in the body. Some recipes seem to make sense – the fever has been treated with a cold, dry temperature to combat excessive and hot stimulation of the body. But when it failed, the next step was often bloodshed. Unnecessary cleaning and enema were also common remedies that may have helped some people, but could also have caused more problems than they had solved. George Washington’s death has recently been attributed not to the strep throat he likely had when he died, but to the blood rash and mercury harvest given to him to cure it. Even today, unscientific medical remedies are available and used by many.


Since the 15th century, Western science has focused on examining and observing the body and has created tools to make it easier. X-ray imaging and contemporary MRI equipment are just extensions of the first autopsies and anatomical studies that sought to understand how the human body actually works. Diagnostic instruments such as ophthalmoscopes, sphygmomanometers, and stethoscopes are also extensions of the medieval study. Examination tables, gloves, and other medical accessories are just the latest versions of tools that have been used for centuries. Medical technology and medical knowledge feed each other. Take hypertension, for example. Although blood pressure monitors have been around for over 100 years, it has only been in the past 20 years that the links between blood pressure and disease, genetics, and lifestyle have been fully studied. As the importance of measuring blood pressure increased, new technologies were being explored to keep accurate measurements and records. It was only before the appearance of automatic blood pressure monitors that human readings could be correlated with measurements taken in a controlled and isolated environment. The medical device and medical knowledge then form a Gordian knot in a constant twist, with one side tightening while the other loosens back and forth.

What is the future of this surge in technology and scientific research? Recent developments in nanotechnology and genetics, as well as increasingly powerful supercomputers, can create a situation where it means that humans are really changing due to technology. For example, scientists have in fact created simple life forms from previously non-living DNA material. While it may not seem so dramatic at first glance, it is an important development. Medical devices are an extension of the study of how and why in the human body, and as science overtakes and surpasses studies, new forms of medical diagnosis, monitoring and therapy may emerge. Imagine the ability to develop new organs inside the body. Limb regeneration is possible in other organisms, why not in humans? And if possible, would development really be “human”? The future is ignorant; the only aspect of what we can understand is that it doesn’t look like what we had imagined before. With hindsight, we see the signs, as we always do, but it is a mirror, not foresight. Technology is advancing and continuing to change human life.

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